Core business

Here are some of our key concepts, key services, and analytics tools you can use to build your own brand on social media.

Our main activity is the outsourcing management of the social profiles of “business people” (managers, business editors, professionals, etc.). We also take care of the whole world social media marketing and web marketing, but our passion is to make authoritative alsoon the net the people who have already distinguished themselves in the business world.

Many people who have already been able to stand out in the business or profession are almost irrelevant on the net. Nothing strange: generally they are already too busy doing their job.

For these people to train and devote all the time necessary to manage their social profiles makes no sense since time is just the poorest resource they have.

Our business idea is to offer high-level services – employing the best people, software, and know-how available – in order to deliver tangible results at certain costs using a minimum amount of customer time.

In other words, we do for people engaged in the business world the same things that are done on social platforms for artists, sportsmen and politicians: we professionally manage their social profiles as if “we were them”.