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We’ve entered the relationship marketing era.

Customer relationship marketing creates a direct relationship between the market and the key people of a company.

If you’re a professional, or you have a company you’re the key person.

No one has any more effect being part of a database or a mailing list, what they like today is to be able to talk and interact with people who consider themselves relevant within a working group or company.

Customers don’t want to talk to an algorithm, they want to talk to you. They don’t want to receive offers from a messaging hub, they want to know what’s best for them in the opinion of someone they think is competent, trustworthy, present and interested in them.

In contemporary marketing, you are the first brand

You are working in a world where online reputation is the most valuable asset and the first of the responsibilities you have towards your career or business.

Soon anyone who will be dealing with you for professional reasons will give more value to the credibility you have gained on the net than anything else.

Personal branding on the net

It’s about harnessing the power of the network and social networks to make you an influencer in your industry. This will allow you to win new customers, expand your market, connect with strategic suppliers, have opportunities in other countries and engage smart people in your business.

Easier said than done for the simple reason that you already have more to do.


Do It Yourself in this field doesn’t work.

In fact, there are good books, excellent courses and excellent trainers who, however, turn to people who – let’s face it – will never have the time to do even a fraction of what it would need to do to get results Appreciable.

Moreover, there would also be the problem of learning at least the rudiments of half a dozen professions and procuring software that is anything but cheap and user friendly.

A team of specialists

A team of specialists costs, it’s true.

But it certainly costs less than the time you should spend to get, if all goes well, a fraction of what an experienced team with all the technological tools consistently produces for each of its customers.


If you want to delve into the topic with more topics and statistics take a look at our “Know-How Pills“.

Tools to assess your social media use

Without signing up for any mailing list and without getting into any funnels you can use these free tools to assess your level and ability to use the main social platforms.

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