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Professional Network Service

A professional network service, or more simply a professional network, is a type of social network service that focuses exclusively on interactions and relationships of a working rather than a personal or otherwise non-commercial nature.

Networking is used by professionals to establish, maintain and expand their circle of knowledge, to discover new job opportunities or to move forward in the career, as well as to learn about trends in the world and in the sector of interest.

It will therefore be necessary to reconsider the use of social networks thus starting to garner acclaim from professional networking, just in the same way that vis a vis happens.

Companies are increasingly reliant on resources and information outside the company and, in order to achieve what they need, they need to build and expand the professional network, relating to all stakeholders who can track down so that they can potential opportunities outside of traditional channels.

Professional networks are now a hot topic as commercial interests and networks are increasingly international. And the result of networking can be to achieve a greater social status and participation in social events inside and outside the corporate sphere.

Internet and social networks

We are all constantly online but almost no one is really connected to others.

In particular, the most “disconnected” are the Managers and Entrepreneurs. Nothing strange: in fact they are already busy doing something else!

The paradox of social media is that many of the relevant people on the net have no relevant activities in the real world, while many Entrepreneurs and Managers of excellent companies have no relevance on the net.

Professional Networking on the network

There are a multitude of benefits in using the network to do Professional Networking: it allows you to stay up to date, opens up to new market opportunities, provides customer feedback, brings new talent to the company, revitalizes customers and brings new ones.

The fact is that if you are a busy person you hardly have the time, the desire and the skills to activate yourself in this kind of activity.

To do Professional Networking on the net and reap all the benefits you need someone experienced, competent and dedicated to take care of you, your brand, your reputation, someone who develops your network of contacts, who spreads your ideas and that increases your relevance and notoriety while you’re doing something else.

A team of specialists

While some completely neglect their professional network others decide to delegate it to some figure “who already does marketing”: From WebMasters to interns through charts and sometimes even relatives seem to be able to propose themselves as experts in this kind of activity.

With all due respect to these professions, this is not the case.


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Tools to assess your social media skills

Without signing up for any mailing list and without getting into any funnels you can use these free tools to assess your level and ability to use the main social platforms.

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