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Social Media Marketing

The second generation of online tools best suited to marketing clearly prefers the use of social media. Indeed, to be a little cynical, it would be said that social media has already devoured all the other marketing.

All market-oriented companies have seen the use of social media as an extraordinary means of finding and connecting with regular and potential customers or users, and so there has been a proliferation of Facebook pages and LinkedIn business accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and basically every other major social network.

The most popular aspect of social networks is that they are fast, produce results that are easy to measure and cost relatively little, or rather, have predictable and easy-to-control costs.

In personal branding and professional networking then, social platforms, if used with expertise do not even need special investments to be effective.

In fact, social networks work so well in marketing that in many ways they are losing their original function, that of “social network”.

In their transformation, social networks are increasingly less than groups of individuals connected by common interests and more and more clusters of prospectuses or consumers.

We do not know whether this transformation is good, but we certainly know that not considering this evolution creates a disadvantage for both companies and individual professionals who ignore it.

Social-lazy businesses

If not lazy, at least confused, many companies manage their social networks as if they were showcase websites and find themselves with “communities” where even their managers are not active (we do not talk about customers) and with a level of interaction often close to zero.

Social-absent professionals

The almost total absence of social media activities by professionals and managers already engaged in doing something else – generally their work – has generated a paradox: authoritative people on the net who, however, have no relevant activities in the real world and, on the other hand, , a multitude of Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Managers of excellent companies that have no relevance on the net.

Marketing has changed

As incredible as many companies have not yet noticed that almost all of their stakeholders are earning well from browsing their website more than once in the entire duration of the professional relationship and that, lately, they carefully avoid open most of the emails that they did not specifically request.

For individual Professionals or Managers the discourse is not very different from that of companies still anchored to the best practices of a time that was and continue to operate following the best practices of a world that is no longer there.

Not everyone keeps up

Like any evolution, social media creates havoc, subverts hierarchies and creates new winners (and losers).

The disruptive effect that social platforms are having on the marketing of companies and the relevance of professionals is such that they can say that their correct use represents the next evolutionary step with which Entrepreneurs will have to face Managers in every market and industry.

Tools to assess your social media use

Without signing up for any mailing list and without getting into any funnels you can use these free tools to assess your level and ability to use the main social platforms.

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