You are working in a world where your online reputation is the most valuable asset and the first of your responsibilities to the market and your career.

Although it is in everyone’s eyes, many seem not to have noticed: Digital Marketing has changed, it is no longer a matter of “websites and newsletters” (to name two of the workhorses of traditional digital marketing), everything has moved on to the social media and smartphones.

Digital Marketing is a field in which, when something has been understood and adopted by many, it means that it is already old and about to stop working, a constantly and rapidly evolving field that rewards pioneers, those who first adopt innovations and invest in them.

To promote your company or profession, what new channels, tools and marketing techniques are you using that last year you barely knew existed?

Many companies and even more professionals have not noticed that many of their stakeholders are earning well from browsing their website more than once in the entire duration of the professional relationship and that, lately, they carefully avoid to open most of the emails that they did not specifically request.

Like any evolution, social media creates havoc, subverts hierarchies and creates new winners and losers.

The correct use of these tools represents the next challenge facing Entrepreneurs and Managers in every market and in every sector.

Everything evolves but not everyone keeps up.

If not lazy, at least confused, many companies still manage their social networks as if they were showcase websites and thus find themselves with “communities” where even their managers are not active and with a level of interaction often close to zero.

The almost total absence of social media activities by professionals and managers already engaged in doing something else – generally their work – has generated a paradox: authoritative people on the net who, however, have no relevant activities in the real world and, on the other hand, , a multitude of Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Managers of excellent companies that have no relevance on the net.