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The tribes of the 21st century

Today, as the internet has broken down geographical distances and boundaries, and people have tremendous tools at their disposal to aggregate and interact, the human desire to unite and share has upended – finally – rules, hierarchies and the market.

Compared to the past, tribes (which today are called web communities) are more extensive, better organized and more democratic but the basic principles that bring people together have not changed and not even the natural drive that we feel in wanting to group around an idea or an idea Interest.

Web communities

The big difference with the tribes of y’o it used to be that you don’t need to be a King, clan leader, or priest to have a web community.

The tribes of the 21st are everywhere and can be led by anyone. Even from you that, if you govern a profession or run a work team or run a business, you are not “anyone”.

The fundamentals of a web community

Finding and rallying people with an interest, a passion, a common vision.

Encourage relationships between these people by encouraging active participation in the community.

Driving them without despoticly ruling them, allowing them to have personal advantages from community membership.

From the network to the real world

From blogs to social or instant messaging platforms, we have a multitude of tools at our disposal to engage people and bring them together in an online tribe.

Among all these tools available to modern tribal leaders, those that are most passionate about us are those technological platforms that, by their characteristics and peculiarities, manage to be extremely effective in facilitating real interactions Professional. Interactions therefore that can be born online and move easily offline, in the so-called “real world”.

Web communities govern the market

There are many aspects of contemporary life deeply influenced by the phenomenon of web communities: from politics to cultural movements everything now passes from the communities on the net.

It is not surprising, therefore, that they also govern the market both globally and locally.

No matter what your business is or how territorial or niche it may be, if you in the business world you need one and – possibly – you should also be an influential community member in more than one online community.

Leadership has changed

There are no communities without leaders within them, and there will no longer be leaders who don’t have a community.

If you think running a web community is a business that doesn’t concern you, we’re ready to change your mind.

We build your industry leadership

First, we harness the power of the network and social networks to make you an influencer in your industry.

This will allow you to win new customers, expand your market, connect with strategic suppliers, have opportunities in other countries and engage smart people in your business.

At this point, the evolution of your contacts in a community will be a natural step.

We build your community

One step at a time and one person at a time. We use all the technological tools and alliances we have to make you a 21st-century tribal leader.

Tools to assess your social media skills

Without signing up for any mailing list and without getting into any funnels you can use these free tools to assess your level and ability to use the main social platforms.

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